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Photo Gallery Enhancements

In the latest release of WebHornet, we have done some major upgrades to the photo gallery. Below are just a few of the new features and common things you will want to do. Uploading Multiple Photos
Once your gallery is in place, you will want to start uploading photos to the gallery.  The new Photo Gallery enhanced module lets you select and upload multiple photos at a time for faster upload.

  • Click the Select Files button to browse your computer to locate the image(s) you would like to upload.
  • To select multiple files, hold the Ctrl button on your keypad while selecting photos.
  • Once you have selected your photo(s), click the Open button.
  • Photo names will be listed.  Here you can name the Gallery or upload to an existing gallery.
  • Click the Upload Files button - watch the screen to see status on your photo upload

Website Photo Gallery Upload Resizing Photos
Once you have uploaded photos you will want to make sure the photos are the right size within your website.  If they are too large, they will appear outside the boundaries of your website.  We recommend using the Photo Gallery tool to resize your photos if you have not already resized them before loading.

  • Select the gallery name from he Viewing option drop down list
  • Check one or more photo you want to re-size
  • Select Action = Resize and use the recommended width or change to a width you prefer
  • Click Go.  Resizing a photo will re-size the photo on your website.  Size information will appear in the upper right corner of the photo thumbnail
  • Make sure to logout and review your live website photo gallery page to make sure photos look just right!

Website Photo Gallery Resize Photos Ordering Galleries and Photos
If you want your galleries or photos to appear in a particular order you can use the Photo Gallery sort order tools.  

  • Under each gallery thumbnail and each photo thumbnail, you will notice a number
  • All gallery and photo numbers are set to 00 until you sort
  • Click on the number and assign a number to each gallery or photo - the number will be the order in which the gallery or photo appear
  • Sorting is optional

Website Photo Gallery Sort Order Renaming a Gallery
When you uploaded photos to your Photo Gallery you gave the gallery a name or used an existing Gallery.  To give the gallery a new name, simply type in a name under the gallery thumbnail Adding a Caption to a Photo
After uploading photos to a gallery, you can add a caption to the photo.  To add a caption, simply type in a name under the photo thumbnail Website Photo Gallery Caption Deleting a Gallery or a Photo

  • Check one or more galleries or photos you want to delete
  • Select Action = Delete and click Go
  • Remember, deleting a gallery will remove all photos in the gallery from your website. Deleting a photo will remove the photo from your website.

Website Photo Gallery Delete Photos and Galleries These great upgrades are part of your WebHornet subscription!  Enjoy and let us know if we can help you with your WebHornet Website today!


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