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Free Website BuilderWebsites used to cost a fortune to build and launch. This, as with so many other things, has changed thanks to the evolution of technology. Thousands of new start-up companies are taking the cheapest possible option and setting up a website using a free website builder.

With most free website builders, a great advantage is that all your files are stored online, if you have a connection to the internet you can make changes to your site from anywhere. However, for many people who have little to no experience of how the web design process works, they could be doing their business more harm than good.  Let's explore more about free website builders:

Free Website Hosting:
Everyone who has a website needs a website host. Many free website builders include website hosting service. If the host is free, your website may be placed on the same server as thousands of others. What this means is the server your website resides on may be running overcapacity resulting in extremely slow speeds with limited memory storage capacity. Servers running overcapacity are subject to high server downtime. Many free website builders do not offer customer support to assist if your site is running slow.

Hosting support is a vital part when running a business website. Experienced technicians can deal with your problems quickly and effectively. Another consequence comes in the form of a higher website bounce rate with customers clicking off your website due to the slow speeds. If your website is too slow, your customers will look elsewhere on the web, giving your competitors more sales.

Poor Website Designs:
Free website builders offer a select range of templates with limited capability to customize. Each business using the online website builder may have a similar looking website as yours because they selected the exact same design. Templates are designed specifically for a general market, meaning colors and images will be the same for every category. Thousands of other people could have the same website design as you.

Advertising Banners:
Have you ever been at a website and noticed advertisements scattered on the home page not pertaining to the product or business site you are looking at? It can be very annoying and turn visitors away. Free website builders need a way to make profit and some turn to selling advertising space on your site! These ads will appear on your website and you have no control over the banners shown which may have a negative impact on your business.

Hidden Fees:
We all know that nothing in life is free. A few questions to ask yourself before selecting a website vendor:

  • Is there potential for your company to grow and will you need to add more pages to your site?
  • Will your website need extra storage at a later time? 
  • Will you need some enhanced features such as a photo gallery, event calendar or blog tool later down the road?
  • Will you want customers or employees to login to your website to view private pages?

Many website builders start off as free but charge to add pages or charge for enhancements.  Make sure to understand the costs of the website builder or vendor before you invest time in using the product.  Make sure there is a number you can reach customer service directly.


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