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Improve your Tiger-Rock Academy Website (part 1)

In this series of articles, we will be covering some of the ways you can improve your Tiger-Rock Academy WebHornet Website. This edition covers Testimonials and Website Navigation.

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  • Create a page with all Student and Parent Testimonials. (watch Add a Page video tutorial)
  • Add 1 testimonial to the bottom of each template.
  • Under the testimonial in your template, link to your main testimonial page.


  • If your Navigation is getting out of hand, organize your navigation by creating drop down menus.  In the control panel, simply drag and drop pages under other pages.
  • Keep navigation consistent across all pages by editing the Navigation placeholder in each template.  Simply check on the pages you want to list in the navigation.  (watch Edit Navigation video tutorial)

For other video tutorials, visit our YouTube Channel.  Stay tuned for more helpful TR WebHornet Academy Website tips to come!



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