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Add Unlimited Pages

WebHornet allows all users to add unlimed pages to your WebHornet Website with no additional fees. When you are ready to link to other website, use the website editor link manager to create internal and external links.  If you are looking for an unlimited page website, read on.

Follow these easy steps:

1.  From the Admin, return to the Control Panel

2.  To add an Interal Page, Click on the 'Add Internal Page' Icon (loacated on the top right)

3.  To add an External Page, Click on the 'Add External Page' Icon (located on the top right)

4.  Customize your settings and the new page will appear in the page tree.

Visit our Vide Tutorials to see how easy it is.
Click HERE to add internal pages.
Click HERE to add external pages.

Read more about Website Essentials - Unlimited Website Pages.


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