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WebHornet Release 2.5

Announcement of WebHornet Release v2.5!!!!  This such a major release we decided to just skip 2.4 and go right to 2.5.  Read on to see just some of the changes to the system.  We expect to roll current customers of v2.3 into v2.5 soon.

New Features Include:

  • Change your Template
  • Updates to the System Dashboard
  • Change your modules to a different module option
  • Copy a module (copy content)
  • Move a module (move content)
  • Clear a placeholder
  • Navigation Setting - color styling of the navigation:  fonts, borders, backgrounds & hover items
  • Improvements to Template Styling
  • New Module Blog Gadget
  • Blog Enhancement - RSS
  • Account Interface Mode: Basic or Advanced
  • Edit Page CSS (Advanced Users Only)
  • Advanced Template CSS Styling (Advanced Users Only)
  • Edit Template Javascript (Advanced Users Only)
  • And much more... Release v2.5 notes

We are pleased with the work accomplished to advance the WebHornet Content Management System and hope to see many more advancements in the future.  You can view all of the changes in Release v2.5 notes


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