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WebHornet Videos - Watch and Learn!

In the last couple of weeks the WebHornet Team has produced step-by-step videos on "How To Update My Website".  Watching a video is a quick way to visually train your brain and you can watch the video over as needed! Take a couple of minutes and checkout our video tutorials to see how easy it is to update your website using WebHornet... and check back often for more videos!

Control Panel

  • Add a page to my website
  • Link to a different website from my navigation (link page)
  • Remove a page from my websiteAdd or change meta keywords and meta discription information to help my site get found by the search engines
  • Organize my page structure and organization my navigation to make my site user-friendly
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) options for advanced users


  • Setup navigation links on my website
  • Create drop down menus in my navigation for better organization
  • Make my site easy to navigate by organizing my navigation


  • Add content to my website
  • Add graphcis to my site
  • Upload documents for download
  • Link to different websites from any page of my site
  • Add an email address link to any page of my site
  • Format my page using tables and other HTML editor tools
  • Use the HTML source code option to add video and other html plugins

Image Module

  • Learn how to upload images and slice images for a perfect fit
  • Link images to a page of my website or link to a page of a different website

Social Media

  • Setup social media links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube.

Lead Signup

  • Setup a Lead capture form on your website
  • See how visitors use the catpure form
  • Retrieve lead signup data in .csv format


  • Setup a blog or news area on my website
  • Create a blog post or create a news post and tag my posts for searching
  • Easily modify blog posts
  • Blog gadget tag cloud for easy filtering of your blog posts

Feed Reader

  • Setup a feed reader
  • Add a feed source to my website using the feed reader
  • See how a visitor views my feeds

Event Calendar

  • Setup a calendar of events on my website
  • Create event listings
  • Edit or remove events from my calendar

Please submit a request to WebHornet Support if you would like to see a video on something we missed!


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