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Feature Preview - WebHornet Release Coming Soon

Over the last several months we have been designing, coding and testing a new release of WebHornet.  With the recent launch upgrades to Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and other web browsers, some of your WebHornet tools have been needing some love.  So what's new in Release of WebHornet?

HTML Editor / Website Editor

First off, we changed the HTML Editor.  The new HTML editor that you will experience throughout the admin tools of your WebHornet website has been upgraded to a simplified editor with better image management features.

What I like about the new HTML Editor:

  • I really like how clean the editor GUI is - the old editor just had too many options that I never used.  Things are easy to find and drop down menus are available when I am looking for less common functions.
    WebHornet Website Editor

  • The new file manager lets me organize website documents more easily.  You can even drag and drop in files into the file manager. (not in IE8)

  • The new image manager in the editor allows me to crop and resize photos.  I can also do some other image editing!
    Website Image Editor

  • While this was not a planned feature, the WebHornet Content Management System works pretty well on Surface tablets.  The buttons are larger making them easier to access.  We still recommend updating your website from a laptop or PC, but this version is definitely more tablet device friendly!

  • I almost forgot to mention the UNDO and REDO buttons are now available.  Before you Save your changes, you can UNDO or REDO your last edits as much as your little heart desires!

Photo Gallery

For all of you using the Photo Gallery Enhanced Module, Internet Explorer v10 was dealing this module a fit.  So we upgraded this module and it is working great in IE 9, 10, 11 - Fire Fox and Chrome.  You can Select Files for upload just as you were able to in the past! 

What's the Launch Plan?

Generally speaking we did lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes on this release.  We anticipate most of you to see the new release in less than 30 days.  We are in the final stages of testing, in fact I am using the new editor right now as I type this blog post! Follow us on FacebookTwitter for release notices!! Cheers to the hard work of the development and testing team that have been pushing hard on this release.  We look forward to sharing this with everyone soon!


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