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Adding Custom Fonts to Your Website

For years, the font rules of websites have been simple. Website developers advised clients to only use web safe fonts, giving your website a generic look. Fonts such as Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, or Verdana were common on most every website. As technology changes, web fonts are no exception. You can add a custom font to your website as your brand identity. This creates an experience for visitors coming to your website.  A font can create a tone similar to a voice, it shows your visitors who is behind the website and what you are about.

Custom fonts allow you to utilize different fonts in your website design. Google offers a great variety that can be used for free. The fonts are hosted on web-based servers and load into a computer’s web browser. You may be asking, "What does this exactly mean?" Visitors that come to your website do not need to have the font installed on their computer! Google has that taken care of. 

There can be downfalls to using custom fonts, just like with any product. It can take a long time for a website to load if the font serving site is slow. If visitors are having to wait too long to see products or services that your company has to offer, they will just move on to the next site. If you can purchase the font file and you want to avoid these types of issues, custom fonts can also be installed within your website file system and your developer can write CSS to call upon these custom fonts.  Remember to speak with the WebHornet Website Support team for recommendations on your favorite fonts.

Along with adding custom fonts, you also have the option of adding vector icons to your site that can easily be customized! Finding the perfect set of icon graphics takes time that most of us simply don't have, not to mention they can be costly. You may invest in icon graphics and discover that after a few months you are looking for something new. Vector icons have made it simple - change color, size and drop shadows in a matter of seconds. New icons are always being added!

If you are looking to add custom fonts or vector icons to your website, contact the WebHornet Support team today!


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