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7 SEO Tips You Need In Your Marketing Strategy

SEO_Marketing_StrategyMuch of the $65 Billion spent on SEO will be wasted, according to an article in Entrepreneur. Digital marketing companies often overpromise and underdeliver. Look for professional SEO services like Omaha SEO Companies who aim to do those things that will gain the best return. You want to draw people to your site and you want to do this with the least effort and cost. Great content, products or services are useless unless somebody sees them.

High Google rankings are the key to achieving high numbers of visits to your website. You need to understand SEO even if you are investing in professional SEO services. This article gives you 7 SEO tips you need in your Marketing Strategy but first, you need to know what SEO is.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you type a word into Google search and press enter Google provides you with a list of results. These websites have been researched by the Google "spiders" that crawl all over the web looking for sites with certain characteristics. They love new content, links, and traffic amongst other things. If they like what they find the search result appears high in the search result list. If they don't then the search result appears so low you'll never see it. SEO is about making your website attractive to the Google "spiders" and getting your website to appear near the top of the rankings in search results. So what are the 7 SEO tips you need in your marketing strategy to get high Google rankings?

1. Be useful

If you have unique and useful content that people like then Google will like you too. This content can take many forms.

  • User guides
  • Lists of tips
  • Photos and videos
  • Tools and plug-ins
  • Blogs and reader comments

Being a trusted source of information is rewarded with visits and by a higher ranking in the Google search results.

2. Own Your Domain

If you want Google to take you seriously then you need to look like a serious player. Free websites are fine for a bit of fun but purchasing your own website domain tells Google that you have confidence in yourself and your brand. They are more likely to believe in you too. Think about it as Google recommending you to its users. This is about their reputation as a useful search engine for their users. Does Google want to recommend someone who looks half-hearted or someone who looks committed?

3. Connect to Other Sites

Backlinks are the way in which you connect other people's sites to yours. Google likes backlinks so you need to too. Connecting to sites that are already high in Google's search rankings will boost your rankings too. Linking to your friends' sites is nice to do but will deliver little SEO. Link to the most visited sites on the internet and you can ride on their coattails to success.

4. Keywords Are Key

SEO Keywords are the words and phrases on your website that possible visitors to your site might put in a search engine. They make it possible for them to find your site. You need to speak the same language as your potential visitor otherwise they won't find you. Time and research put into identifying the right keywords are important. Without the right words or phrases, your site will be a rarely visited drain on your marketing budget. Some help with this research may be a good investment.

5. Be Sociable

Google is interested in your social media activity. You can increase your traffic with a social media strategy. Google will notice if you have an article tweeted. If it is tweeted multiple times and retweeted Google will recognize this as indicating your authority and profile. Your reward will be a higher ranking. How do you get readers sharing your articles and other content? Sharing other people's content will get reciprocal responses. You need to be a participant in the social media "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" game. Give readers a reason for visiting your content on social media sites. This means providing content that is not available on your website. Just as linking to other high ranking sites helps your ranking, so interacting with the big fish in the social media pond is good for you. Find out who the key players are in your niche and re-tweet their content. You won't want to promote your competitors but you might find a useful link to a local news site or thought leader.

6. Make It Work for the User

Make your website and SEO a good experience for your website visitor. Broken links to other sites are a fail for both your SEO and for the reader of your content. Users hate to wait, so keep your website's speed up. Users and Google love a fast working website. Make the user experience of your website a pleasurable one. Intuitive navigation, attractive presentation, and user-friendly design will encourage users to explore, stay and link with you. All great for you, them and Google will love it too.

7. It's Not All About Google

Of course, Google is the search engine of choice for most people but there are others too. You might find that YouTube is important for your marketing strategy. Perhaps you use video content or video blogging. YouTube is owned by Google but SEO on YouTube may need to get special attention. Your local SEO professional services such as Omaha SEO Company can help you with this.

Omaha SEO Company

Working with a professional SEO service, like a local Omaha SEO Company makes sense.  They know SEO trends They have knowledge, skills, and experience. They understand social media, can help with content and theyunderstand users.  When you outsource SEO services you can combine your understanding of your business and customers with their SEO expertise to achieve great results. If you want to learn more about a company that consistently delivers great SEO then click here to talk to WebHornet an Omaha SEO Company.


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