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Importance of Website Title and Meta Data

I was just doing a review of a friend's website.  I searched for her company name on Google.  Google found her site, but I noticed a description of her website was missing... so this leads me into a discussion of the importance of Page Title and Meta Data.  Let's dive in!

Title and Meta Data are HTML tags found in the HTML source of your website.  This information is not displayed in web browsers to visitors accessing your site, however, you can locate these tags by Viewing the Source of your website pages. Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have programs that crawl the web.  These programs are called spiders and/or bots.  The Search Engines index your website and they use the Title and Meta Data information to learn more about your website.

The HTML for the website page you are viewing will appear.  To most of you this will look like a mess of tags that are unreadable, but if you look closely, usually in the first couple of lines of the HTML, you will see Title and MetaTags .

Here are some of the tags that we recommend you set-up for each page of your website:

Title: The title tag defines the title of the document.

  • defines a title in the browser toolbar
  • displays a title for the page in search-engine results (See Google screen shot below.)
  • provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites


Meta Keywords : Informs search engines what your site is about.  Use a list of comma separated words or phrases.  The words and phrases should appear in the content of your website as well to get better search results.

Meta Description : Search engines use the description to show with the results of searches. See Google screen shot below.

Below Google Screen capture shows Title Tag and Meta Description Tags:
Example Google Title and Meta Description

WebHornet provides you page setting tools to EASILY set-up page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description.  We recommend doing this for each page of your website to get best results.

1 - Via the WebHornet Control Panel, click on the page that you would like to edit page settings for. 

2 - Click on the Page Settings icon  located in the top left corner.
3 - Page Settings Edit Page forms appears.  Modify the following fields to make your Title and Meta Data begin working for you!

  • Browser Page Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description

Hope you enjoyed this article on Title and Meta Data. 


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