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Add Search to your WebHornet Website

Add Search to your WebHornet Website If you website has a lot of pages and you would like to add a Search feature, WebHornet recommends Google Custom Search.  Google has both a free and paid solution that might be right for your organization and it can be easily integrated into your WebHornet Website!

Google is the leading search engine used today so instead of reinventing search technology - WebHornet recommends to use the Google Site Search feature on your website.  By adding Google search to your website, Google will search the pages of your website and provide results inside your website page.   Let's take a look at Google Custom Search options:

Standard (Free): Google offers a free site search.  Advertisements will appear on the right column of the search.

Site Search (Paid): Google offers a paid model of the site search where there are no advertisements.  Packages start at $100.00 per year.

Video Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUB04YCUQ7k

Once you have created your account with Google and set-up your site search, copy the HTML code provided and paste it into any editor within your WebHornet Website Editor.  Need assistance, contact the WebHornet team of experts!

Please Note: Google Custom Search requires your organization to start a Google Account and maintain this account.  WebHornet can provide direction, but your organization is responsible for your Google Account and any fees associated with this account.


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