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What is a Web Site Builder?

WebHornet Web Site BuilderYou may have heard the term "Web Site Builder", but may not truly understand what this means and how it can benefit your business. Simply put, a web site builder is a set of tools which allow you to design your own website without the knowledge of HTML, CSS or programming language. You can create a page without having to learn how to write code. Instead, templates and other premade tools are used to setup a basic look for your website. With dozens of providers out there, learn how a web site builder will benefit you today!

A web site builder uses premade tools, some drag and drop interfaces, so a non-technical person can build a feature rich website without learning a programming language.  A business should use a web site builder if they want to add pages and change content often without paying the expensive fees of custom programming.  Another useful feature that a web site builder offers is design flexibility.  If your business has had the same website design for a number of years and you are looking for something fresh and new, you may want to design your own website.  Paying for a custom design can be expensive. 

A web site builder will give you a great option to custom design for the fraction of the cost allowing you to select a design template and customize the template to match your brand. Building a website takes time and some technical knowledge.  If you would prefer to have somone build your business website and manage the site for you, contact WebHornet to learn more about our services.  Our WebHornet website editor is great for users who want some control over website editing and general management of their site.


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