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Is your site Optimized for Search Engines?

Do you have a Search Engine friendly website?  When you have a website, you want it to rank at the top of all searches, who wouldn’t? This process can be time consuming, cost large amounts of money and worst of all, it can be confusing. No need to read the huge text books and do countless hours of research. The team at WebHornet provides [SEO] Search Engine Optimization tools. Easily add Page Titles and Meta Data (Keywords and Description) to your site or work with WebHornet Support to assist. Follow these easy steps:

1.  From the Control Panel, highlight the page you would like to add Page Title, Keywords & Descriptions

2.  Locate the Setting Icon (located on the left side)

3.  Enter your Page Title, Keywords & Descriptions in the approprate boxes.

After clicking Save, you have completed hours of work in just minutes!SEO,

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