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Spruce up your Website for Spring! - Part 2

Here are more tips for giving your website that extra splash this spring!  This post covers Slicer and Resizing Photos, Navigation Styling, and Don't Forget About Your Website Footer.

To read Tips 1-3, visit Spruce up your Site for Spring - Part 1!

Tip 4 - Resizing Photos
In order to keep image resolution of the highest quality, WebHornet does NOT resize your photos. Try one of these free image editing software programs to resize photos before loading into WebHornet: paint.net (Windows), Gimp (Windows, MAC)

Tip 5 - Navigation Styling
Change up your navigation with font color, background color and hover mouse over effects.  Modify your navigation CSS or ask WebHornet Support for help.

Tip 6 - Don't Forget About Your Website Footer
A popular trend today is to add links, social media and company logo to the footer area of your website.  Not only does the make your site look modern, the links with keywords are great for Search Engines!  Use a table or advanced CSS to create the right layout for your organization. 

Reminder: Hornet Helper assistance is available!    If you would prefer WebHornet to do the sprucing work for you, purchase Hornet Helper hours from your WebHornet Account (webhornet.com/login) and contact us via the support form.

Stay tuned for our next post with more Website styling tips!


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