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Spruce up your Website for Spring! - Part 3

Spring is just about over, but you can still use these tips to make your site stand out from the competition!  This post covers Using Icons, Change Up Your Design Template, and Using the Blog Gadget.

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Tip 7 - Using Icons
Icons give visitors graphical representation of what you are trying to communicate on your website.  We have all seen the popular Facebook, Twitter and RSS icons.  To add icons to your site, first search the web icons (remember to view the license information to make sure you have rights to use the icon, if you are looking for free icons) or create your own! 

Tip 8 - Using the Blog Gadget
If you are using the Blog Enhanced Module, you can also use the Blog Gadget to feature a Tag Cloud.  In the Module to the right of our blog, we set-up the Blog Gadget.  Visitors can click on the keywords and phrases in the Blog Tag Cloud to filter articles they are most interested in!  Read more about how to set-up the Blog and Blog Gadget.

Reminder: Hornet Helper assistance is available! If you would prefer WebHornet to do the sprucing work for you, purchase Hornet Helper hours from your WebHornet Account (webhornet.com/login) and contact us via the support form.

This concludes our 3 part series on Sprucing up Your website for Spring!  If you enjoyed these blog posts, please drop us a line at support@webhornet.com


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