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Improve your Website's Search Engine Ranking

WebHornet makes it easy to optimize pages for Search Engines so your organization can add a layer of keywords and alt tags for search engines to easily find your site and clearly understand its purpose. WebHornet auto-generates a search engine friendly sitemap.xml file used by the search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  Basically, this means manipulating your website and possibly other websites to increase your rank on search engines.  WebHornet gives you tools for the job, and you can control all of the following:

  • Browser Page Titles
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt tags on Images
  • Title tags on links
  • Page Content
  • Emphasize Keywords using HTML editor bolding, using Heading 1 and Heading 2 tags
  • Create links to other pages within your website using HTML editor link manager
  • Need help in this area - ask about our Search Engine Optimization Package

View this Knowledge Base article to learn how to edit your Browser Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description using your WebHornet website builder.

Benefits of Using WebHornet for SEO

WebHornet automates the following items so you don't have to think about the them.

  • Updated Sitemap.xml file - tells search engines about last updated page info
  • Provides robot.txt file - tells search engines where to find the sitemap.xml
  • Browser Page Titles - auto filled if you do not provide
  • Blog Detail Pages - Meta keywords and description are extracted from blog posts
  • RSS Feed - generated from blog module 

SEO will continue to be a critical part of any website, small or large, and WebHornet web site builder will be along for the ride.  SEO is an ever changing target.  This is one of the many reason's why we emphasize the free upgrades for the life of the product, as the landscape for SEO optimisation changes we will change the product to match.

Want help with Search Engine Optimization on your WebHornet Website? Contact WebHornet today and ask about our Search Engine Optimization Package


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