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Steps to get your Website found on Search Engines

Steps to Get Your Website Found on Search Engines Last month, I wrote about Improving your Website's Search Engine Ranking to provide an introduction to Search Engine Optimization.  In this article, we will go into detail about how you can increase your ranking on the major search engines.

Step 1 - Selecting Search Term Keywords or Phrases
Pick 10 keyword phrases that you would like to rank on the search engine for.  By searching google for the keyword phrase you would like to target, you can see a results count.  The result count is your competition if you choose to target this keyword.  Let's take the example keyword: "wedding dresses".  On google over 150 million results are returned - on bing over 70 million results.

It is difficult to rank high with this much competition, so we recommend to focus on local search.  Most people searching will want to shop locally. So we encourage you to include city and/or state in your search terms.  "wedding dresses omaha" returns 347,000 results compared to the 150 million. Remember when selecting your keywords, you will have a better chance of ranking if you target local search so include your city and/or state in the keyword phrase.

Another strategy is to come up with a search phrase such as "wedding dresses for sale" that is more specific than just "wedding dresses".  Again you will notice less competition for this search term.

There are more advanced tools to do keyword research, but this is a good way to get started.


Step 2 - Add Content to your Website Supporting your Keywords

Ask yourself, when was the last time you updated pages of your website?  Or added a new page to your website?

More and more we continue to hear that Google and the other search engines rank websites based on content... relevant content is king!  Search engine spiders crawl the web looking for content so make sure your site has pages for the search engines to crawl.  Work in keyword phrases you want to target (selected in step 1) into your content so the content makes sense to both the human reader and the search engine.

Get started this month by:

  • Adding 2 new pages to your website with new original content
  • Updating existing pages of your website with fresh content
  • Setup a blog within your website and create a blog posts

As you are doing content updates, make sure to work keyword phrases into your content!

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