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Website Trends - Call To Action Buttons

We have all been to a website on our mobile device or tablet and need to contact the business or organization ASAP!  We click on the phone number or email address and nothing happens. We don't have a pen and paper available and can't seem to remember the phone number. This can be so frustrating! However, there is a solution - Call To Action Buttons!

As business owners, we want our site visitors to have a good experience when they find our website.  They should be able to reach out to us in a quick and easy manner and not be frustrated trying to find us. We want our visitors to purchase our product and not be directed to page after page, causing them to leave our site.

Here are some types of Call To Action Buttons you should consider adding to your website:

  • Contact Us
  • Email Us
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Signup Today
  • Download our Newsletter

Call to action buttons come in all shapes and sizes and can be added anywhere in your website.  Most importantly, these buttons are a website design trend that keeps visitors happy by giving them an easy way to get to what they want/need! Button text should be short and to the point, 1 to 3 words so they know at a glance exactly what they’ll get when the click on a button.

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