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How much does it cost to set up a website?

A question most businesses ask, "How much does it cost to set up a website?"  This article provides a basic cost breakdown and steps you will need to take to set up a website.  Pricing is based on reserach in January of 2013.

  1. Domain Name

    A basic must in creating a business website is purchasing a domain name.  The price for domains can range from $10.00 on up.  If the domain name is already taken but for sale, you may be looking at a much higher price.  Most businesses trying to set up a website can find a domain that fits their needs very affordable.

    WebHornet offers a domain name for your website (yourcompany.whhive.com).  However, we recommend a company branded custom domain and can assist you in launching your WebHornet Website on your custom domain name.
  2. Web Hosting

    Web Hosting pricing can vary from company to company.  If you are using a commercial web host, you will need to factor in this cost.  Some hosting companies offer discounts if you pay a year in advance or more.  Prices will vary but you will be looking at $20.00 per month on up.  If you need a large amount of storage or a database, pricing increases.

    There are companies that offer free website hosting.  When deciding on hosting vendors, make sure to understand what comes with your website hosting.  Many times with FREE website hosting, ads will be placed on your site or you may be limited to the number of pages or capability of your site.  Also, free hosting can be risky as these companies are known to have frequent "down" times, times when your site is inaccessible.

    If you are using a Website Editor, such as WebHornet, website hosting and website monitoring is included in your monthly price.  From small business website host to large international franchise hosting solutions, WebHornet is an all-in-one website and hosting solution for your business, nonprofit or personal use. Many website products offer you software without a hosting solution. With WebHornet, "where to host my website" is no longer a question. ($29.99 per month)
  3. Software

    The exact software you need for your website depends on the type of website you would like to set up.  This will play in the biggest factor of how much does it cost to set up a website?

    If your goal in creating a business website is to set up a few pages, graphics and content, one can get by fairly inexpensive.  Using a website editor can be an affordable way to go - allowing you to edit your website when you need changes anytime of the day or night.  Keep in mind, some systems require the user to install software.  WebHornet offers a better solution, requiring NO software instillation.  You can update your website with a simple internet connection.

    If you are wanting a more advanced system, specific design, slide shows, forms, blogs, event calendars and private pages, most businesses will look into custom software.  Custom software pricing can range from $5,000.00 on up, plus a monthly fee for hosting and updates.  WebHornet offers all of these features and more for an affordable price.  Creating a business website with advanced features is easy and cost effective using WebHornet.
  4. Website Design and Site Development

    You want your site to look great, get noticed and keep the attention of visitors, so website design is important.  Hiring a designer can cost anywhere from $2000 for a basic design on up the more complex the design gets.  At WebHornet, we know the importance of a great looking site.  Our expert staff of designers can get your site design put together typically for around $200.00 - $400.00. 

    Once the design is approved, you need pages of your website set up, forms to collect data, photos placed and pages linking together.  Development of the website will cost another $2000 on up depending on the complexity of the website. Again, we offer very affordale packages.  Many WebHornet customers have sites set-up under $500.00 using Hornet Helper Hours ($35.00 per hour).
  5. Updating your Website

    Updating your website must be factored into how much does it cost to set up a website.  If your business needs content, images and documents updates charges will apply.  With a website editor like WebHornet, you can do the changes yourself or use our website experts for only $35.00 per hour.


The above gives an average cost to set up a website.  WebHornet offers a more affordable solution for many small and mid-sized businesses.  Once you are ready to begin creating a business website, ask us about any promotions we have running for even more savings. 

*Prices of various components change from time-to-time.  Information provided in this article are average cost of what the market is currently charging as of January 2013.


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