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Utilizing Your WebHornet Tools - Adding Pages

WebHornet allows users to add unlimited pages to each website. At one time or another, your company may find that they need to promote a new product, advertise a special or simply add something to their website that was forgotten. Your WebHornet Website tools make this easy to do! Your company has the option of choosing the page name, adding slide shows, adding images, include a signup form and adding in content. Remember, our support team is always here to help!

Follow the below instructions to get started -OR- View our YouTube Video on how to Add a Page.

After you have loged into your WebHornet Website, located the Control Panel.

1 - Click on the Add Page icon located in the upper right corner of the Control Panel.

2 - Fill out the Create Page form with details about your Page.
  • Title: The Title of Your Page
  • Browser Page Title: Enter the Page Title that will appear in the Web Browser. For more information on Meta Tags.
  • Meta Keywords: Enter specific keywords and phrases that you would like the search engines to see.  Separate these by commas.
  • Meta Description: Enter a short description of your page that you would like the search engines to see. 
  • Permission View: Select whether the page is Public, Private or Hidden. Private pages can only be viewed by Users whom have logged in.
  • Template: Choose a template.  When you create a new Page, the page inherits the Template default modules, content and general settings.
3 - Click on the Save button to add the new Page.  The Page is added to your website and will be displayed in the Control Panel.

4 - The new page appears in your Control Panel - Page Tree.

5 - You may find that you would like to tweak or edit the settings on this page at a later time.  The Page Settings icon found in the upper left corner of the Control Panel. 


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