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Keep the Attention of Website Visitors

Keep attention of website visitors The average website visitor's attention span is 8-10 seconds. In my last blog post, I wrote about ways to drive traffic to your site.  Now that a user is at your site, you have just a short window to capture their attention and get them to read further.  Remember most people are visual, so high quality graphics and video can help convey your message quickly and bring your website to life.

When I first started building websites, good graphics were hard to come by.  You had to spend big dollars to purchase great stock photos.  Well today, there are many stock photo sites that license high quality photos for your website at VERY reasonable rates.  We recommend trying some of our favorite sites to find stock photography:  crestock.comistockphoto.com, bigstockphoto.com

These stock photo sites also sell icons.  Icons are a simple and effective way to draw users into the content of your website.  Many web designers use icons to visually break up content, serving the same purpose as paragraph breaks.  This makes your content less intimidating, visually interesting and easily readable.

Other icon sites: iconfinder.com, iconarchive.com, freeiconsweb.com

Website icons

Many sites offer royalty FREE graphics, icons, and clipart.  Remember to view the license information to make sure you have rights to use the graphic and give credit to those who require it if you use their graphics.

If you are looking for pictures more specific to your work projects, products or services, we recommend hiring a professional photographer.  Interview a couple and ask to see their portfolios.  Today many photographs will allow you to have copyrights to the photos to use on your website, social media and print as you wish.

One other important tip, make sure to use photos on your blog posts and in your social media posts when possible.  Users on social media sites are more likely to read and share your post if you have an interesting graphic to go with it.  When driving social media traffic back to your website (which should be almost always!), use the same photo in the post for consistency.

If you need help finding graphics or icons for your WebHornet Website, contact WebHornet today! The WebHornet Experts can  search for graphics and work these into a professional website design for your organization or business.


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