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What do you need to build a website?

Building or revamping a website can be very overwhelming.  The thought of doing so much work to build a website while operating the day-to-day work schedule can be too much for a small business to handle. Read on to see a list of items you need to build a website.

Step 1: Are there specific websites that draw your attention?  Maybe a site that you love to visit and share with your friends and colleagues.  A site that you wished you had?  Gather up all of these sites and put together a list of likes and dislikes from your favorites! 

Step 2: Do you have a domain?  A domain is a place to direct people to visit your website - your address on the internet.  You can also create email addresses with your domain name, making your business look more professional.  Domains are very affordable.  Pick a domain that is easy to remember such as your business name and easy to type. 
If you are not ready to purchase a domain, see Step 3.

Step 3: Determine if you will need to use a developer, web designer or do it yourself.  Web design firms helps you though the process of desiging and building your website.  If you would like to make minor edits to your website, make sure your site comes with a website editor.  If you don't have time to build or update your own website, check that your website vendor offers these services.

Step 4: Logo & Coloring - What are your business colors?  Do you have a logo?  Most businesses have the colors in mind but just need a logo.

Step 5: Create a Site Map which is a list of all of the pages of your website.  What message do you want to get across to your visitors?  For starters, most businesses have Home or Intro page, Contact Us Page, Services Page, About Us Page & Testimonials Page.  These pages will allow your customers to get to know your company.  Remember, you can always add more pages as you go.

Step 6: Content is King.  There is no better way to get your message out to your visitors then content.  Explain your company and services with valuable content.  Need help?  There are many services on the web or through your hosting company that will get your started at affordable prices.

Step 7: Engage your audience with graphics and video.  Visitors LOVE images and videos. Maybe you do not have images of your company?  There are many websites that offer affordable stock photo.  One of our favorite is crestock.com.   Most people are visual and there is no better way to showcase your business by displaying images and video clips that match your products or services.  

With these simple 7 steps you will be on your way to creating a great website.  Just do one step at a time.  Contact WebHornet for help setting up your website!


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