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Using the Twitter Widget

Back in October we talked about ways to Drive Traffic to your WebHornet Website.  One of our recommendations was to use Social Media.  Well some of you have been asking the reverse, how to show your tweets on Your WebHornet Website.  Follow these steps to create and use the Twitter Widget:

1 - Login to your Twitter Account


2 - Go to: https://support.twitter.com
Here you can see a list of existing widgets and create new widgets.


3 – To Create a New Widget, click on Create New button.  Here you can select the type of Widget you would like to create and embed into your website.  To bring your tweets into your website pick the User Timeline tab.  Fill in the form.    On the right side you will see a Preview of how the Tweets will look on your website.  Click the Create Widget button when you are ready. 

FYI: I had to add MYDOMAIN.com, www.MYDOMAIN.com, MYDOMAIN.whhive.com to the list of domains.  See my sample screen shot below.

Twitter Widget


4 – Once you have created the widget, Twitter will provide you an HTML code snippet.  Grab this code and go to your WebHornet Website.  Create a new page or pick an existing page.  In any HTML editor, click on the Source option and paste in the Widget HTML code.  After you save you should see the widget embedded into your website. 


Here is how it looks on my Twirlzone.com site:

Twitter Widget on my WebHornet Website

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