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Photo Gallery Enhancements

In the latest release of WebHornet, we have done some major upgrades to the photo gallery. Below are just a few of the new features and common things you will want to do.

  • Uploading Multiple Photos
  • Resizing Photos
  • Ordering Galleries and Photos
  • Renaming Galleries and Adding Captions to Photos
  • Deleting Galleries and Photos

Read more about this release and the Photo Gallery Features!

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Success with Local Search Ranking

WebHornet customers have been experiencing great success with local search! 

While good keyword rich content and relevant links to your site are critical, we have found that WebHornet websites are ranking high on local and national search terms with even less.  The base of all WebHornet Websites include an advanced search engine architecture not found in other website systems.  This is what sets WebHornet apart.   Our development team has built a system that automatically informs Google, Bing and other search engines that your site has been changed when you update a page or create a blog post.  Other websites do not include this type of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service unless you invest top dollar on SEO services.

Read more on success with local search rank.

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Lower Your Website Costs with Customer Referrals

Refer your friends and colleagues to WebHornet and lower your monthly fees!  Read more details...

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WebHornet Release 2.8

The WebHornet Team has released WebHornet Version 2.8.  To read more details about this release, visit our release notes.

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