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The Importance of Simple Web Design

simple web designWhen you are in the process of designing your website, it is easy to put too much information on the home or other pages of the site. Simple web design is important so your visitors do not get overwhelmed or distracted from the main goal of your site.  Here are a few points to consider when building or redesigning a website:

  • Simple web design makes for a better User Experience (UX)
  • Clutter is not attractive to the human eye - use white space
  • Give visitors enough information to entice them to “click” / to “buy” / to “act” / to “read more” - keeping the user on task.
  • Content is important for visitors and search engines, BUT you don't have to clutter the home page of your site with too much text.  Create links to more information about a topic.
  • Visitors will dig in (click) to read more about products and services if your site is appealing.
  • The Power of 3 - come up with 3 value propositions such as a service, feature or innovation that will be attractive to customers and important to your organization or business.  Highlight these 3 value props throughout your site.
  • Well designed navigation allow visitors to rapidly access products, services and information about your company  - making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Need help working these simple design concepts into your next website build or redesign?  Give us a call to discuss how WebHornet can help!

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WebHornet Redesign Launched

WebHornet Website Services

We want to welcome you to our newly redesigned WebHornet website!  WebHornet customers will enjoy backend tools that are now responsive, making it easier to manage your account information from your tablet or via your mobile-device.

We have also updated our service offering so make sure to review our site for newly added web services - including optimization services to help your site get found by Google, Bing and other major search engines!  We explain our services a little more in detail including: Website Design, Website Development, SEO for your website and Website Support.  Our focus has shifted to a more support oriented approach to website design and development.  We have found that many of you don't have time to build a website and would prefer help from start to finish.  We get to know your business and what you want from a website - then we design and build it for your specific needs at a very affordable rate.

We also provide you our WebHornet website editor so you can make simple content changes to your website, with the safety of knowing that we are always available to make updates for you!
We invite you to contact us to discuss your website goals and answer your web related questions!

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Build a Restaurant Website

Restaurant WebsiteAre you ready to build your restaurant website? Here are some tips for a great restaurant website. 

Your website should be the centerpiece of your restaurant’s marketing strategy. It can be vital to your success, and it can be what convinces diners to visit your locations.  As a restaurant owner, you can be sure your customers are searching the web to find where they will eat next.  A good website should be the center of all your marketing efforts and the driver of traffic to your restaurant.


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WebHornet Release 3.1 has launched!

WebHornet Release 3.1WEBHORNET release 3.1 has launched.  We responded to WebHornet customers needs.  Checkout some of the updates in release 3.1.  Or log into your WebHornet website and begin using your WebHornet website editor to keep your site fresh!  Remember, contact support@webhornet.com for assistance if you have any issues or want help updating your website.

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