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Posting Events on your Website

Event CalendarIf your organization hosts multiple events every year, the WebHornet Event Calendar will be a great add-on module for your website. Whether you are running a business or organization, it is beneficial for customers and members to have easy access to events. The WebHornet Event Calendar allows you to feature events such as open-houses, tradeshows or workshops right on your website. The calendar is easy to read and has two display options, a full calendar or a list of events. The WebHornet calendar is also mobile-friendly, so it can be accessed from any device.

Having a calendar on your website keeps customers returning to check for new events.  In addition, WebHornet makes it easy to manage and update your calendar so visitors will always be able to view current events. We also allow you to integrate video and 3rd Party reservation tools to add more flexibility to your calendar. Read more about WebHornet's calendar module features.

Contact support@webhornet.com to add an event calendar to your site today. Once you have added the calendar, you can simply enter the event details and your events will be displayed. Come back at any time to make quick changes or updates.  If you don’t have the time to keep it updated, WebHornet has a great support team that is more than willing to help. One of the best things about WebHornet is our website support team, because they are extremely flexible. They can update your site for you or provide one-on-one training.

If you do not have a website with us yet, just email us at support@webhornet.com. We can answer any questions and get you set up with a website today!

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