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7 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile Optimized WebsiteReady to officially take on the mobile age? When it comes to digital marketing, it's key to cater to mobile users. With people spending an average of 3.25 hours a day on a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone, your largest audience is your mobile audience. In order to take advantage of your customer potential, it's important to implement a solid mobile marketing strategy. This includes optimizing your website for mobile use. Read on to learn why a mobile optimized website is absolutely critical to your marketing success.

1. Mobile Optimization Lowers Bounce Rates

Every business owner hates bouncers. And we're not talking about the guys wearing sunglasses standing outside of nightclubs. Your bounce rate is essentially the amount of people who navigate to your site and then immediately leave. A high bounce rate can come about for a variety of reasons, including slow loading speeds, poorly formatted homepages, and disinterest. But bounce rates can also skyrocket if your site is not optimized for mobile use. Think about the last time you tapped a link to a website that wasn't configured to fit your mobile screen. Did you have the patience to linger? Probably not. A mobile optimized website means one that thinks about the user and maximizes visitor experience. It will keep users on your site longer because it frees up navigation. It presents content that adapts to whatever screen accesses it. A reduced bounce rate means higher potential for conversions.

2. People Will Keep Using Mobile Devices

The data says it all: mobile isn't just a passing fad. People are going to keep using mobile devices to access social media, communicate with friends and family, and access information. What's more, mobile users aren't just going to linger longer on social media sites. With every passing year and advance in technology, it's becoming more and more possible to do anything through a mobile device. Users manage finances, order food, coordinate their wardrobes, and educate themselves through mobile devices. And this is just the beginning. A mobile optimized website means keeping pace with a growing customer base. And keeping pace means keeping competitive.

3. It Works With Local SEO

A mobile optimized website goes hand in hand with local optimization. Local search engine optimization (SEO) means optimizing content on your website so that it can appear in local searches. A locally optimized site means that people searching for "dog walkers in Naples Florida" will be more likely to find your site in search listings. Local searches are conducted more on mobile devices than desktops. This is because local searches mean immediate and local needs. Maybe you're out with friends and you want to see if there's live music near you. Perhaps on your commute, you want to see if that bagel place is open for lunch. The local searches you perform are on the go. A mobile optimized website works in tandem with a local SEO strategy, helping you dominate search listings and retain the visitors you get through local searches.

4. Mobile Users Pay Attention To Different Things

Think about how you use your mobile devices throughout a typical day. How do you engage with these devices versus your desktop? Typically, mobile users will be performing local searches, browsing social media, or accessing quick snippets of information. They are less likely to spend hours on end staring at the same device (unless reading an e-book or news article). In this sense, mobile users have shorter attention spans and will be attracted to video content, infographics, and other accessible visuals. A mobile optimized website is one that keeps this in mind and presents visual and relevant content. With visual and relevant content, you'll be able to cater to shorter attention spans and access users across multiple channels.

5. A Mobile Optimized Website Means More Conversions

A website that adapts to the user's screen and experience is much more likely to keep that customer online than one that isn't optimized for mobile use. When you optimize your site for mobile use, your website becomes easy to navigate. Mobile users will be able to clearly identify a purchase or checkout button. They will be able to buy a product or sign up for a newsletter in seconds. You will likely lose leads if the opposite is the case. A mobile optimized website means more conversions and increased profit margins.

6. Get Google Authority

It's important to be clear on Google's mobile-friendly website guidelines before you implement SEO and other optimization strategies. But in general, Google prefers sites that are optimized for mobile devices. If your site isn't configured for mobile use, it's going to dip in ranking. This means that all of that hard work you've put into an SEO strategy will go down the drain. You'll get Google authority when you optimize your website for mobile use and as a result, maximize your SEO efforts. This can lead to higher traffic and higher conversions.

7. Boost Content Marketing

Crafting a digital platform with mobile users in mind involves paying particular attention to content. Mobile users require effective and concise content, with an emphasis on visuals. When you configure your website for mobile use, you automatically hone your content. You'll write relevant and direct content that is useful to every user. You'll see this carry across your content marketing campaigns on social media as well. Mobile optimization will enable your content marketers to breathe easy and really hone what you're presenting to the digital world. This can also boost SEO and lead to higher Google authority.

Why You Need a Mobile Optimized Website

We're approaching the mobile age and it's important to keep pace with this as a business. A mobile optimized website is a competitive one. Configuring your site for mobile use will boost your marketing strategies, specifically your SEO and content campaigns. As a result, you'll end up with more conversions than previously, lower bounce rates, and higher Google authority. At the end of the day, mobile optimization keeps your customer happy--which should be the ultimate aim. At WebHornet, we love everything about mobile optimization and can ensure that your website is working hard for your business. Let us help you improve your search ranking and more. Reach out to us today to ensure your mobile-friendly site!

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Facts About Mobile Friendly Websites

A mobile-friendly website is a website that displays correctly on hand-held devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. It also has these features:

  1. Your website will load fast on hand-held devices
  2. Your website will be easy to read
  3. Your website will be easy to navigate
  4. Avoids scrolling, not just vertically but also horizontally
  5. Avoids using Flash – because Apple products do not support Flash

We have put together a few great facts that everyone who has a website should know! Contact WebHornet today to convert your website to mobile-friendly!

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Responsive Websites in WebHornet Release 3.0

The WebHornet team has been working hard on Version 3.0 of WebHornet.  This version will offer Responsive Website Designs with Bootstrap.  If you want to discuss a Responsive Website for your business or organization, we are here to help!  Contact us today to order your Responsive Website at support@webhornet.com or call us to discuss 402.391.1713.

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Google's Mobile Friendly Requirement

Mobile WebsitesGoogle has announced they are rolling out an algorithm update that will greatly affect mobile results for websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.  This algorithm update is scheduled for April 21st 2015, so if you have not already, it is time to consider getting a mobile friendly websiteContact us today to add-on a mobile friendly website or talk to us about responsive website option.

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