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7 Small Business Web Design Trends You Can't Ignore

7 Small Business Web Design Trends You Can't IgnoreIn the modern technological age, small business web design is absolutely vital.

Need proof? A March 2017 study showed that around 87% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. This means that, for many, your business's website will be the first impression they ever get of you.

For this reason, it needs to look as neat and professional as possible.

But how do you design your small business website so that it appeals to the many internet surfers who stop by and check it out daily?

Here are 7 small business web design trends you can't ignore.

1. Mobile Compatibility

The days of optimizing your website simply for laptops and PCs are long over. Smartphones have taken over the scene, and are here to stay. For this reason, it's necessary to design a website that is compatible with mobile devices.

This involves sizing the website so that it can be easily read and organized on a smartphone screen. It also involves designing the website in such a way that it loads as quickly as possible.

If an online user has to wait a substantial amount of time for your website to load, he or she will likely just move on to the next business.

If you haven't yet, it's time to optimize that website for mobile so that you can keep potential customers from leaving you.

2. Minimalism

Visually speaking, less is more. Throwing too much color, too much geometry, and too much imagery up on one single website can be distracting to the user. It can ultimately result in him or her getting frustrated and leaving the site.

In the realm of small business web design, you should be prioritizing minimalism. This means making use of space and white area so that the user's mind doesn't become distracted.

Increasing white area and space will not only allow online users to better mentally process your website, it will also allow for more rapid load times.

In essence, this is not just an aesthetic design tip, but a functional design tip as well.

3. Skeleton Screens

Regardless of how fast your website loads, it's still going to run into processing problems every now and again. The problem is that online users hate waiting for pages to load.

To help keep online users around your website during long page loads, it might be wise to make use of skeleton screens. Skeleton screens are essentially popups which appear on a user's screen in the time taken for the rest of the website to open up.

These screens give off the illusion that the screen has already loaded, and that the user is already using the website.

While they add no real functional benefit, they do make users feel as if the page is loading faster. And sometimes, the feeling of the page being loaded is all that's needed.

4. Videos on the Home Page

Another small business web design trend is to use video on the site's homepage. There are a number of benefits that come with using video on the home page, from longer user stay time, to faster loading, and more.

Putting video on your site's homepage allows users to get acquainted with the general identity of your company in a very quick manner. Text, for the most part, does not have the same effect.

There are many different types of videos you could post on your homepage, from intro greeting videos to tutorials, to news, to a variety of other types of videos.

Using video on your homepage will give your company a more modern aesthetic, and will make users think that you're on the cutting edge.

5. Subdued Color Scheme

While bright and vibrant colors have been popular over the last few years, neutral and subdued colors are finally starting to get their moment in the sun. These colors include everything from black, to white, to gray, and dark shades of blue, green, and purple.

When you use these colors, you give your website a more polished and professional look.

Bright colors have a whimsical feel about them. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not necessarily what you're going for when your website is representing a serious business.

Bright colors create contrast. Subdued colors create integrity, uniformity, and a feeling of cohesiveness.

6. Chat Bots

A great way for users to feel welcome upon entering your website is to be greeted by a chat bot. A chat bot is essentially an instant messenger box which pops up and asks your visitors whether or not there's anything they can be helped with.

These bots help your users to feel comfortable asking questions, allowing for greater dialogue. Chat bots can be used to direct your users to different parts of your website, or enabling seamless and intuitive customer service.

In addition, they also make your website's users feel as though they're talking to a real person from your company. They're great for establishing trust with the customer.

7. Personalized Font

The last small business design trend we'll discuss is a personalized font. While it's not true of every company, some companies are using customized fonts which they've created themselves in order to differentiate themselves from other companies in their industry.

There are a number of different ways to create your own font, but perhaps the easiest way is by making use of the services of a graphic designer.

Graphic designers will be able to take your customized font and turn it into something that's both readable and aesthetically pleasing.

It's just a good idea to run your font under the eyes of a professional designer first to ensure that it actually looks as good as you think it does.

Web Hornet Knows Small Business Web Design

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