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Ecommerce – Sell Stuff Online

If you are looking to sell products or services online, you need a secure shopping cart.  WebHornet provides a way to integrate PayPal, Google Checkout and other 3rd party shopping carts to your website.  When a customer visits your product/service pages - "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons direct the user to your Merchant Vendor for secure order processing.  The customer is directed back to your site once the checkout process is complete.

How to Get Started Selling Products Online

  • First, select a Merchant Account Vendor.  We recommend PayPal or Google Checkout as they provide secure stand-alone shopping carts that can be branded with your logo.  Merchant Vendors accept all major credit cards and PayPal also offers payments through PayPal.  Please note, Merchant Fees from your selected vendor will apply.
  • Via your selected Merchant Account website, create your product or service list and enter pricing information. (Buy Now / Add to Cart buttons)
  • On your WebHornet Website, create product and service pages.  Use item description and graphics to enhance your pages. 
  • Copy and paste the HTML button code from your Merchant Vendor into your WebHornet Website HTML editor using the source option.

Accept Donations Online

If your organization is ready to accept donations online, WebHornet provides you a way to integrate PayPal or Google Checkout donation systems into your website.  When a customer visits your site, they simply click on your "Donate Now" button.  They are directed to a branded page at your Merchant Vendor for secure donation processing.  The customer is directed back to your site once the donation process is complete.

Assistance with Set-up of My Shopping Cart or Donations Online

Remember, our WebHornet Support Team is here to help set-up your ecommerce shopping cart or donation button!

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