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Multimedia - Embed Video / Graphics / Slide Shows

Your WebHornet Website is Multimedia ready!  Easily create rotating graphics and integrate your favorite YouTube videos, RSS feeds or HTML plug-ins.

Bring Your Site to Life

A picture is worth a 1000 words!  Great photos help bring your website to life.  Easily add photos and rotating slide shows to your WebHornet Website to engage your audience visually.

Capture Visitor Attention Using Video

Video is an excellent way to capture the attention of your audience and quickly communicate your message.  Upload your video to YouTube and link to your video or better yet, embed your video into your website.  Get creative and take videos of what might interest your audience such as event promotions, interviewing members of your team, showing off your service or facility, and training.

How Do I Add Video to My Website?

Record your video using video cam or professional service.  Upload your video to YouTube or other 3rd party Video service.  If you have multiple videos, we recommend you start a YouTube Channel.  Remember, short clips usually work best to keep the attention of the average user browsing the Internet.  Next, grab the HTML code provided by YouTube.  On any page or area of your WebHornet Website, you can add video using the HTML editor source option.  Video will be embeded into your website!

Plug-In Ready and RSS Feeds

Using WebHornet's simple website HTML editor, you can drop in social media and other plug in's right into your website.  This allows your organization a lot of freedom to showcase goodies you find on the internet!  Have a favorite RSS feed you want to display on your site?  RSS Feeds can easily be brought into your website.

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