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Organize Photos with a Photo Gallery

Looking to organize photos on your website? If you have a large portfolio of work or other photo albums you’d like to share, WebHornet offers an easy-to-use Photo Gallery solution.  After you set-up galleries, just upload photos, add captions, sort and view! 

When using WebHornet's Photo Gallery module, your photos are hosted with your website instead of using 3rd party photo software.  Visitors come directly to your website to see your photos rather than pushing them off to a different website or domain.  Frequent photo posting with good captions and alt tags can lead to an increase your Search Engine rankings!

A Picture is Worth 1000 Web Words

Most people visiting your site will subconsciously skim your content and let the photos do the talking.  A Photo Gallery is a great way to showcase images from your events, tour your campus or facility, showcase your professional portfolio or even highlight employee or member involvement.  Personalize your web presence with multiple galleries and photos showing the energy of your business or organization.

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