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Private Pages for Groups of Users

Many businesses and organizations have information that may not be available to the general public.  With WebHornet's User Group module, create log-ins for employees, members, vendors or anyone who needs access to private web pages.  When users login to your website, they have access to pages assigned to their respective user group(s).

User Group Management

WebHornet lets you set-up User Groups such as employees, members or vendors.  Create User Accounts and assign the account to one or more user groups.  The user will be assigned a username and password and will have access to login to your website.  Administrator accounts can easily manage user details, edit password and delete or disable accounts as needed.  When users login to your website, they will see pages their User Group has access to.

Get the Right Account Solution for Your Business Website

Every WebHornet Website comes with one Administrator Account.  If you would like to have multiple Administrators, Content Writers or Users accessing your website login area, customize your WebHornet by adding Accounts.  Choose from 20, 50 or unlimited accounts.  

  • Administrators - Manage accounts, manage content of your website
  • Content Writers - Manage content of your website
  • Users - Assigned to user groups, login to see private pages of your website determined by user groups

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