Release Notes

Release 2.2

Release Date: 10/4/2010

  • NEW: CDN for added performance, and maintainability
  • NEW: Image Module, upload notification
  • UPDATE: JavaScript performance upgrades for Control Panel
  • UPDATE: JavaScript for Page Tree in Control Panel
  • UPDATE: JavaScript compression/caching for performance
  • UPDATE: Compatibility updates for IE 7.0
  • UPDATE: Compatibility updates for Chrome
  • UPDATE: Multiple Skin CSS Updates
  • FIX: Child Item (Blog, News, Event Calendar) containing special characters would not allow detail view
  • FIX: Multiple Image Modules on a single page
  • FIX: Multiple Slideshow Modules on a single page
  • FIX: List Summary Source could pull wrong items based on item Page settings
  • UPDATE: Changed “Social Medial Settings” to “Social Media” to prevent cutoffs in skin layout
  • FIX: Uploading .png image in HTML editor could remove transparency

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