Release 2.3

Release Date: 11/4/2010

  • NEW: Image Module allow linking from an Image to another page of your website or to a different website
  • NEW: Image Module delete a photo
  • NEW: Photo Gallery improved render system
  • FIX: Photo Gallery sorting fix
  • NEW: Slide Show add slicer ability to slide show and linking ability
  • UPDATE: Slide Show rearrage tabs on Slide Show tool for usability
  • FIX: Slide Show sorting fix
  • UPDATE: HTML Editor better conversion from Word to HTML
  • NEW: Add Link to stats package from System Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Change file upload to 100MB
  • FIX: Image path on error page
  • FIX: Child page in Page tree causing error if default. Possible error.
  • FIX: Image upload, naming issue
  • UPDATE:  Skin arrangment changes
  • UPDATE:  Improved 404 Message

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