Release 2.5

Release Date: 3/22/2011
Due to the nature of this release, existing customers that purchased WebHornet prior to 3/22/2011 will remain on Release 2.3 until notified.  Existing customers will be contacted for the conversion.

  • NEW: Change your website design by changing your template.  Download and install new templates using the NEW Template Manager tool
  • NEW: Show template thumbnails on page edit/creation
  • UPDATE: System Dashboard has a new layout and additional links to tools and Your WebHornet ID with Configuration information.  If you need to change your Account Profile or Upgrade your Account, the new System Dashboard links to your WebHornet Account Login screen.
  • NEW: Template Editing offers ability to set Template Module defaults that are carried through to the Pages of your website.  Read more about ways to edit your Website - Pages and Templates.
  • NEW: Set Default Page Modules per Template
  • UPDATE: Template Styling expanded to allow for more styling of your template and advanced features
  • UPDATE: Navigation Styling:  font color, borders, border color, background color & hover item settings
  • UPDATE: Standardize Action Hex buttons (Edit, Settings, Change)
  • UPDATE: Blog Module and News Module merged into Blog Module
  • UPDATE: Blog Module enhanced to include an RSS feed
  • NEW: Blog Gadget Module with Tag Cloud
  • NEW: Copy Module - Copy module and content to selected placeholder
  • NEW: Move Module - Move module and content to selected placeholder
  • NEW: Clear Module - Clears module and content of selected placeholder
  • UPDATE: Change Module - Change module has been expanded to all placeholders
  • NEW: Basic or Advanced Interface Mode for Administrator Accounts
  • NEW: Advanced Template Level CSS Styling (Interface Mode - Advanced Users Only)
  • NEW: Template Level Javascript (Interface Mode - Advanced Users Only)
  • NEW: Edit Page Level CSS (Interface Mode - Advanced Users Only)
  • UPDATE: Image Module, universal usage of Slicers for more slicer options
  • UPDATE: Module, Slide Show new squares for navigation
  • UPDATE: Photo Gallery no longer auto changes images
  • UPDATE: External Page now called Link Page
  • UPDATE: Internal Page now called Module Page
  • UPDATE: Module List Summary now Feed Reader, ready for next phase
  • UPDATE: Module Event Calendar, new calendar navigation allows for more screen real estate
  • NEW: A la Cart structure to configuration
  • UPDATE: Multiple performance updates server side
  • UPDATE: Multiple performance updates client side
  • UPDATE: Security audit completed with tweaks done
  • UPDATE: Control Panel default height increase
  • UPDATE: Tested in IE9, FF4.0 and Chrome 10
  • UPDATE: IE7 confirmed as obsolete browser
  • FIX: Multiple CSS tweaks to stay current with Browser updates
  • NEW: BETA Path language introduced
  • NEW: BETA of Form Data
  • UPDATE: 3rd Party code updates
  • NEW: Overlay footer while logged in to inform user of current action

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