Release 2.6

Release Date: 5/23/2011

  • UPDATE: expand module definition for future enhancements
  • FIX: tag links on blog detail improved for usablitity
  • UPDATE: improve css of event calendar navigation
  • UPDATE: error logging upgraded
  • FIX: Event Calendar spider fix
  • UPDATE: Event Calendar Navigation updated for more consistent look
  • NEW: Expanded sitemap.xml to include blog & event calendar items, result in better SEO
  • UPDATE: Code contracts on image module
  • UPDATE: update jquery libraries to 1.6
  • NEW: Auto Page Alias feature.
  • NEW: Redirect Manager for page deletion, proper maintance of SEO.
  • UPDATE: Adjusted font in html editor
  • UPDATE: Authentication mock put into place for future releases
  • UPDATE: Update Menu & Page Tree javascript libraries
  • NEW: Remember Page Tree State
  • NEW: Remember Page Tree Size
  • UPDATE: Move control panel up for more space
  • UPDATE: If page is default, force public view permissions
  • UPDATE: Improve first load time on setup and when site recycles
  • FIX: Blog Settings affecting Blog Posts for Author and Post Date
  • FIX: Copy then Clear Photo Gallery causing copied Photo Gallery to clear photo's
  • FIX: Copy then Clear Slide Show causing copied Slide Show to clear photo's

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