Release 2.8

Release Date: 6/27/2011

  • NEW: Use the Feed Reader module to add RSS feed to website.  Allows you to feed outside content into your website!
  • UPDATE: New improved layout for Photo Gallery
  • UPDATE: Account change password, stop browser from using autocomplete
  • UPDATE: Validate RSS feed created by blog for best compatibility
  • UPDATE: Adjust Feed Reader to respect Schedule Date from blog
  • UDPATE: Slideshow allow an image to be published or not
  • UPDATE: Performance Improvement, Memory Managment
  • UPDATE: Slideshow loading is now smoother
  • UPDATE: Html Editor, updates settings to stop conversion of characters to html versions
  • UPDATE: Allow variable merging in various special case areas, more to come soon
  • UPDATE: Build in optional restrictions for use in corporation franchise scenarios

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