Release 2.9

Release Date: 12/27/2011

  • NEW: Slideshow - Settings features allows users the ability the set the speed of the slide show
  • NEW: Template Styling - Added a place for template graphics to be uploaded. Used to store background graphics for your website.
  • NEW: Data Download ability to clear out data files
  • NEW: Page Head - allow insertion of additional META Data and page script
  • NEW: Secure domain (SSL) implemented for all WebHornet Instances (*
  • NEW: Added time zone to System Settings for easier use of modules (blog scheduling, event calendar, data download) in different time zones
  • UPDATE: Direct user to complete System Settings. Important for system emails, form email alerts and blog RSS feed.
  • UPDATE: Blog - removing the "-" character from blog tags
  • UPDATE: Updated 3rd Party libraries to increase compatibility
  • UPDATE: Make Account Manager tool titles consistent
  • UPDATE: Stop Page CSS from being escaped, caused issues with "'" character
  • UPDATE: Template cleanup - style CSS ul, li, p & navigation line-height changes make this across all templates
  • FIX: When Slide Show running for long periods of time, timing would degrades and the image flashes in place. Fix completed.
  • UPDATE: Cleanup Data Download layout
  • NEW: Height equalizer included in template Javascript.
  • FIX: Slideshow - On a page using the Slide Show Module, when a user would scroll down away from the slide show, the page would move back up towards the slide show. Prevented this page movement.

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