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RSS Feeds

RSS (aka Really Simple Syndication) is a family of standardized web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works such as news headlines, blog entries, video and audio.  An RSS web feed includes full or summarized text and metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

RSS feeds syndicate content automatically in a standardized XML file format allowing the information to be published once and viewed by many different programs. RSS feeds can be read using web, desktop or mobile based software  called an RSS Reader.  The user subscribes to a RSS feed and the RSS reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for updates.  Readers benefit from timely updates of favored websites they subscribe to.

Bringing an RSS Feed into Your Website

Many websites offer RSS feeds.  You can bring an RSS feed into your website easily using the WebHornet RSS Feed Module.  You will need to know the RSS URL of the feed you would like to imbed into your website.  Once you have this, set-up your website to read in the RSS feed.  As updates occur to the RSS feed, they will appear on your website in real-time.  Your website benefits from content updates to the designated feed area without effort on your part.  However, keep in mind, links in the RSS feed may take your visitors away from your site.

Creating Your Own RSS

If you purchase the WebHornet Enhanced Blog Module your blog comes with an RSS Feed that users can subscribe to.  Each blog entry will automatically be posted to your RSS feed so readers that subscribe to your feed will receive regular updates from your website blog.

An RSS Icon appears in each blog post and when clicked on the user will be directed to your full RSS Feed.  Here the user can subscribe to your RSS feed.  This great feature is built into your WebHornet Website.  Not only is this feature helpful to your customers, but Search Engines love it too.  In your posts, we recommend using search keywords and phrases and linking these keywords back to relevant pages of your website driving both the RSS Subscriber and Search Engine back to your website.

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