WebHornet Website Essentials

Simple Website Editor

WebHornet makes it easy to add and change pages of your website using a simple Website Page Editor.  

  • Add or edit graphics on pages of your website
  • Add or edit text on pages of your website
  • Create links within your website or to external websites
  • Upload documents to the Website File Manager and link to the documents via your website
  • Change font color, font size and font family
  • Add special formatting such as bullet lists, bolding, italics, and more

Add Video, Ecommerce or Other Plug Ins to Your Web Site Builder

Using the simple website HTML editor, you can drop in YouTube video, PayPal or Google Cart donation buttons, and Polls right into your website.  This allows your organization a lot of freedom to showcase video, social media plug in’s and other goodies you find on the internet!

Changes in Real-Time

Updates to your website are done in real-time. Just login to your WebHornet Website and begin making your changes.

Advanced Web Designers

If you are familiar with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you can access advanced editing options and individual pages using our simple website editor.  Our more advanced users love the ability to control site styling, while still working inside a structured environment.

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