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Website Development

Our WebHornet website editor platform helps us build beautiful websites quickly and affordably.  We know there are some great free website builders out there, but if you have a business to run and don't have the time to spend setting up a website, we are here to help!

  • Following our design discussions, we will have a Site Map - a listing of pages your site will include
  • To build a site, we first create the website design layout and let you review the primary and secondary page layout providing us feedback
  • After rounds of feedback and acceptence, we start building your website pages and incorporating graphics, video and content. All pages will be reviewed with you for acceptence.
  • If you have choosen to use some of the WebHornet enhanced modules, we will setup these components. (Blog, Photo Gallery or Event Calendar)
  • If you need a custom data collection form, the WebHornet team will build and test your form.
  • Search engine work is recommended but optional - read more here
  • WebHornet is owned by a Software Development firm in Omaha Nebraska - Method Development, so if you need additional custom website features not included in the WebHornet product - talk to us!

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