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Website Domain

To get your website up and running fast, WebHornet provides you a personalized WebHornet domain (business.whhive.com) for your website. Use this web address as your primary advertised domain or as a temporary domain to get your site loaded.

What is a Domain Name or Web Address?

A domain name (also know as web address or URL) is your internet address. When a person is connected to the internet via a web browser, they can type in your web address to access your website. For example: webhornet.com is our web address.

Already Have a Web Address?

If you already own a custom domain name, perfect! We’ll show you how to connect your web address to your new WebHornet website or you can visit our Customer Knowledge Base for instructions. You will need your Registrar information to repoint the domain.  A Registrar is the company where you originally purchased your domain name from.  Popular registrars are namecheap.com, godaddy.com and networksolutions.com.  We recommend you manage the relationship with your Registrar, so you are in control of your web address(es).

If you want to purchase a custom domain, we recommend visiting namecheap.com Registrar.   Search to see if your domain is available and purchase your domain for 1 or more years.  Once you have your domain, it can be pointed to your WebHornet website!

Having Trouble Pointing Your Domain?
Finding your registrar, repointing or acquiring your domain is sometimes tricky.  Remember, website support is always available if you need additional assistance with your domain.

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