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Website Statistics

Once your website is up and running, you need to know if anyone is visiting the site.  Website Statistic reports provide an array of usage activity about your website.  Easy-to-read graphical and numeric reports can be filtered by date and time, to identify your websites busiest months, days and hours.

  • Site Usage – Page Views, Visit and Hit Reports broken out by Month, Week, Day or Hour Averages and Totals
  • Site Activity - Top Pages, Entry and Exit Pages
  • Search Engine - Top Browsers, Search Keywords and Phrases, Spider Reports

Benefits of Adding Stats Package to Your Website

Website Stats Package can help…

  • ...determine pages of your site that are important to visitors (those that have high traffic count).
  • ...identify areas of your site to improve such as pages with high exit rate.
  • ...measure marketing campaign effectiveness.  Notice spikes in traffic following mail or other type of campaign.
  • ...print reports or export for sharing with other people in the office.

Stats Packge SEO Upgrade

One reason we love our stats package is you can upgrade and benefit from search engine competition and keyword tools.  You could spend hundreds of dollars per month hiring services to run SEO reports for you.  With this set of tools, you can create and manage SEO Campaigns, request keyword suggestions and retrieve competitors targeting similar keywords.  For each campaign, you will have access to position, visibility and page rank reports.  Using SEO tools built into your website, you can add in the important information you may be missing.  WebHornet gives you this flexibility!

Google Analytics

Looking to use Google Anayltics with your website?  It's simple!  After creating your Google Analytics account, just drop in your Google Analtytics code into each of your layout templates to track traffic to all pages of your website.  Need help? Contact

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